My singing and vocal coaching consists of the following topics

Together we will compile and work on your personal concert-length (12-15 titles) set list so all songs fit your musical taste!

The key questions appended to each subitem should provide impetus for taking on the path of the convincing performance in the field of singing.

  • singer's preparation
    • posture — How is the readiness posture prepared?
    • breathing — How does one breathe correctly? Is my breathing optimal?
  • vocal training
    • voice training — How do I apply my voice?
    • speech training — How can I express my feelings and the songs' lyrical contents?
  • choice of a suitable repertoire (pop, rock, and jazz)
    • rendition — Is my personality and message being presented properly and prominently?
    • teaching stage presence — How do I perform convincingly?

Theses on the subject of singing

  • the work on the singing voice influences the whole personality
  • the development of body consciousness further develops the preparedness for resonance when singing
  • the quality of breathing has an immediate effect on the body and overall health, and thus also on the development of the singing voice
  • the mental state of the student dictates their readiness posture during the vocal adjustment process
  • the development of the artistic potential when singing enables evolvement of an extensive ability to vocally express onesself

Simon Baumann & "Räpertoire"

Reference song by Simon Baumann and his Band "Räpertoire"