My acting coaching offers the following topics
  1. Learn to improvise
    Acting means to act sensually and practically, to physically imitate a person of action. Together we will work out all elements of the creative process (procedure, situation, turning point, attitude, posture, behavior, subtext) and integrate them step by step into your presentation.
  2. Choice of roles
    Everyone moves, thinks, speaks and acts in a way that is unique to them. These statements correspond to the image one has formed of themselves in the course of one's life and can therefore also be changed. The selection of the audition roles depends on the individuality of the applicants and their background experience.
  3. Preparation for admission to an acting school of your choice
    The selection of acting schools is based on the needs of the applicants. Together we will carry out extensive research with the aim of finding the most suitable acting school for the applicants. The preparation for the admission examination corresponds to the specifications of the selected institution.
  4. Camera and casting coaching
    At the request of the applicants, we will record the acting monologues that have been developed in order to achieve camera security and to enable further individual work. Casting preparations are also integrated into the collaboration.

The basic acting training I offer is based on the methodical material stemming from the practices of the "Hochschule für Schauspielkunst "Ernst Busch"" in Berlin.

Together we will achieve the following
  • You will discover if your acting talent is sufficient enough to pursue a career in acting.
  • You will pass the entrance exam for any school of your choice.
  • You gain poise when choosing roles and in front of the camera.

My offer Acting Coaching is aimed at highly-motivated applicants for acting schools.


Young Actors Orientation Program
Over 10 individual sessions we will collaboratively discover if is acting truly is what you want to do.

ab 2500

Drama School Preparation Program
40 individual sessions over 9 months at my studio in Riehen (near Basel).

ab 6000