Career Coaching

Public speaking: "Your voice creates the mood."

The voice is an instrument, learn how to play it!
  • Step 1 analysis of your elocation
  • Step 2 training to employ the voice, articulation, and dynamics

In almost 40% of all cases, the sound of our voice is the deciding factor how our attractivenes is assessed by an audience. When on the phone the likelihood for such an assessment is increased to 85% of all cases! And all this happens intuitively within the first 7 seconds.

Is the voice an expression of personality? The word itself implies this: "person" likely stems from the latin "personare" which can be translated to "to sound through".

When we speak our voice allows us to sound-through more than we could with words alone. In some cases the sound of a voice can make us completely forget the content of what's being said.

As the poet Mary Ann Evans (1819-1880) alias George Eliot said:
"Voices. I believe they permeate us more than other things."


Breathing: "Two-thirds of all humans breathe incorrectly. Are you one of them?“

"May your breath become your friend, not your enemy!" (George Peckham)
  • Step 1 analysis of your breathing technique
  • Step 2 training diaphragmatic low breathing ideal for speaking and singing

The quality of respiration has a direct influence on the mind, body, and overall (vocal) health as well as the development of your vocal potential.

The road to a sympathetic voice always also leads through the breath.


Body language: "Impress with posture? It works!"

Body signals convey more than words!
  • Step 1 What am I expressing with my posture?
  • Step 2 How can I learn convincing body language?

The content of your presentation makes up only roughly 7% of the effect on your audience. More important are nuances in your voice. But with 55%, your body language - mainly posture - is pivotal.

The posture of our body betrays our (mental) state. The relation between the inner and outer posture are manifestly held:
We stand firmly with both feet on the ground, represent standpoints, show spine, and bow or duck when we subordinate ourselves.

The other way around, the principle of interaction from within and without: With posture alone we are able to influence how we feel – and what we can achieve.


Text: Choose a text with which you wish to present yourself!

  • Step 1 choise of a text with which you can identify
  • Step 2 presentation

Claudia Karnos' Career Coaching...

  • develops your individual potential for expression
  • fortifies your self-perception and confidence
  • improves your public demeanor
  • helps you in coping with any fears of performance

Authenticity is the key to success!
Jim Gianopulos, CEO of Paramount Pictures, producer of "Titanic" and  "Avatar"