"How does my sovereign performance impact my work-life-balance?"

Starting from the point that in every domain we face more and more competition and pressure we are forced to enhance our performance day by day as an actor or a singer does. In order to clarify the correlation between sovereign performance and work-life-balance we will focus on 4 major points:

  1. Mental preparation
    Being mentally prepared means detaching yourself from any distracting thoughts and defining the framework for how you prepare yourself -- not just the subject at hand.
  2. Personal message & Voice
    Here we focus on your personal message and how you emphasize it vocally. Internalizing the presentation also strengthens one's own identity.
  3. Relaxation & Elasticity
    We define the terms relaxation and elasticity and try to understand them, because: relaxation is the key to authenticity.
  4. Focus & Body Language (Presence)
    Finally, we look at your presence, which is divided into the two sub-areas "focus" and "body language".

All workshops will be taking place as half-day or full-day workshops.

We will be working in groups and individually. All participants need to be prepared for their presentation.


We will develop your convincing performance and research how it can be used in everyday life.

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