My Story

"All beginnings are simple!"

"Claudia, would you like to moderate the prom?" the headmaster asked me. I'd never before stood on such a large stage yet I spontaneously said "Yes!". It was the year 1988, I was only 18 years young and I knew: This is what I want!

Prom took place in a castle with a large stage. Over the three preceding days I felt neither pressure nor stress – quite the contrary: I was full of anticipation for singing, acting, and dancing on stage.

When it came time and I took the stage, I 300 pairs of eyes focused on me. I was cool as a cucumber and savoured every minute. THE STAGE WAS MINE!

After the successful evening I was approached and received thanks from many. "You were great! The sovereignty!", some said. I will never forget the words from the father of a classmate: "Claudia, you take the stage as if you'd never done anything else!"

Years later, after numerous stage performances, I realized that it was anything but a matter of course to build up sovereign calm and the certainty that "I can do this in my sleep". Through studies and training I developed a strong pressure to perform which often took its toll on my calm. I learned what it meant to stand on a stage with sorrowful thoughts and feeling queasy. At the time I started to research: how can I find my sovereignty and effortlessness again? And how can I show others the way?

Thus I developed my method to quickly and easily help people present themselves sovereignly.

Over 30 years of work at the front and back of stages, and after 10 years as a successful coach it became my heartfelt wish to impart my experiences and insights. With my method "SOVEREIGN PERFOMANCE" I support people like you in achieving and cementing a playful effortlessness and sovereignty on stage and everyday life. So you too can say: The stage was mine!

Let yourself be taken on this journey, and always trust that:

All beginnings are simple!