Perform Sovereignly

The Sovereign Performance is a comprehensive method I have developed to perform competently with ease. We transform stress into sovereign calm and develop your potential for expression out of it. The Sovereign Performance is used by top-managers to optimize their performances in the shortest amount of time and with the least effort.

4 key topics are at the core:

  • mental preparation
  • personal message & voice control
  • calmness & elasticity
  • focus & body language (presence)

Together we will achieve:

  • You are able to communicate your message with credibility and sovereignly.
  • You fascinate your audience with confidence and calm.
  • You can deliver your best performance under pressure.
  • You are competently on the fast track for your career.
  • I am 100% reliably at your side and you decide when and where we work with each other.

My offer The Sovereign Performance is aimed at C-Level-Managers of the corporate world, individuals in the public eye, or if you are in the art world or deal with celebrities.

You wish to:

  • Continue your career in senior management as an internationally successful management consultant?
  • Convince customers of your luxury brand with charisma on the red carpet?
  • Get surprisingly elected to the government council of your canton as a popular local politician?

Benefit from my successes and get in touch with me!

The Sovereign Performance...

  • develops your individual potential for expression
  • fortifies your self-perception and confidence
  • develops and improves your charisma
  • helps you in coping with any fears of performance


Individual sessions to be used within 6 months. For online-sessions or for clients who come to my studio in Riehen (near Basel).

starting at CHF 6500

Further information

The voice is an instrument, learn how to play it!

Your voice creates the mood.

The voice is an instrument, learn how to play it!

  • Step 1 analysis of your elocation
  • Step 2 training to employ the voice, articulation, and dynamics

Two-thirds of all humans breathe incorrectly. Are you one of them?

"May your breath become your friend, not your enemy!" (George Peckham)

  • Step 1 analysis of your breathing technique
  • Step 2 training diaphragmatic low breathing ideal for speaking and singing

Impress with posture? It works!

Body signals convey more than words!

  • Step 1 What am I expressing with my posture?
  • Step 2 How can I learn convincing body language?

Choose a text with which you wish to present yourself!

  • Step 1 choice of a text with which you can identify
  • Step 2 presentation