About me

Claudia Karnos' Coaching for convincing performance competence is a process-oriented system based on individual drama and vocal trainings that I developed and have continued to develop throughout my many years of experience as as vocal and drama teacher.

Of particular interest are the real-life requirements of stage performances, and individual charisma. The focal point of every collaboration is developing a common goal, as well as the concrete personalities of the participants.

Step by step we will train and develop the skills required for a convincing theater, singing, or career-oriented performance. All this is based on mutual respect and through the use of current and relevant texts, plays, and lyrics.

Furthermore I am also engaged in priming qualified young talent. This is a challenge I have been, and still am, happily taking on as a direct result of my qualifications and experiences in different European countries. I will develop "tailor-made" solutions in your preferred language whilst privileging human and professional qualities. I seek out direct contact, the basis of which constitutes to the mutual trust between teacher and student.

Claudia Karnos' Coaching for a Convincing Performance…

  • develops your individual potential for expression in order to promote the personality regardless of age, social status, and artistic talent
  • offers drama training in three languages (German, French, English)
  • ensures professional project management in the area of performing arts
Claudia Karnos: Auftrittskompetenz, Gesang-, Schauspiel- und Regieunterricht - Souverän!
  • Studies at the Hochschule der Künste Bern graduating with the CAS "Singing voice with main focus on reducing and removing dysfunctions"
1991 — 1996
  • Studied theatre science at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Study for voice "Jazz – Rock – Pop" at the Hochschule für Musik in Dresden
    Chanson program: "Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte..." ("If I may wish for something...") Songs and Chansons in 3 languages
2011 — 2015
  • Expert feedback in the field of performance competence "ON STAGE" as part of the career program "antelope" at the Department of Equal Opportunitiest at the University of Basel
2010 — today
  • Expert for performance competence – Emphasising "The Convincing Performance"
2010 — today
  • Theatrical pedagogical guidance at the "24. Schweizer Theaterfestival für junges Publikum SPOT" in Basel
  • Theatrical pedagogical guidance at the Ostschweizer Schultheaterfestival
1999 — 2004
  • Singing and theatrical pedagogical activities at the Deutsche Schule Paris.
    Involvement in projects as part of the German-French exchange.
1988 — 1990
  • Assistant at the "Theater junge Generation" in Dresden.
    Assistance in organising dramaturgy and production, and supervision of the "Kinder spielen für Kinder" and "Theater an der Schule" programs.

Dresden - Paris - Basel

From Germany's east through France's capital to the "Petit Bâle"

After high school graduation a young Claudia transitioned to the theatrical sciences and was introduced to the basics of the profession as production and dramaturgy assistent at the "Dresdner Kinder- und Jugendtheater".
For a year she studied theatrical sciences at the "Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin", completed vocal studies at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Dresden, took singing lessons with Christiane Hebold (singer/songwriter) in Berlin, and refined her presentation techniques in the area of French chanson in Paris.
In Paris she worked for five years as a drama teacher, director, singer, and actor in close and constant collaboration with primarily youths.

She knows how to convey her high and artistic demands with pedagogical finesse, and deliberate and varied methods.
The difficulties that arise in mixed-age groups of students with various levels of theater experience and talent were mastered by shaping the rehearsals in a didactically well-considered and diversified way.
Since 2004, Claudia Karnos has completed many productions in Basel and the surrounding areas.
For three years she gave singing courses at the "MIGROS - Klubschule" in Olten, drama courses at the "Junges Theater Liechtenstein", and was a freelance lecturer and coach for doctoral candidates at the University of Basel.

In 2010, Claudia established her studio for coaching, singing, drama, and production and has since then been a successful coach focussing on coaching individuals. In 2015 she completed the CAS course "Identifying, reducing and avoiding dysfunctions in the singing voice" at the Bern University of the Arts.

For further information on Claudia's coaching activities have a look at the customer testimonials.